The Day My Life Changed – Anita Moorjani — Awaken

If we could only believe what happened to Anita will one day happen to us, perhaps we could give up this constant fear and aggression encompassing the world in which we now live. . . . . . .   by Anita Moorjani: After four heart-wrenching years with cancer, my body had finally had enough and I went into a coma… The moment I arrived … Continue reading The Day My Life Changed – Anita Moorjani — Awaken

The Land

In the beginning of this great nation the European whites laid claim to this wild and wonderful land based upon a papal directive known as the Doctrine Of Discovery. Later rescinded, the doctrine of Manifest Destiny was born in it’s place and even today remains alive and well in the nationalistic viewpoint of many Americans. Question is: Was our invasion of the Americas supported by … Continue reading The Land