After an in-depth study on mind control and the extent to which we are subjected to it in this country I decided to quit trusting somebody else to give me the news and went about researching it on my own. I’m not a conspiracy guy and that mind set is not the focus of this blog. I’m not here to prove MY point or ask for your agreement on anything I say or believe.

My only goal on this blog is to get you, the reader, thinking beyond the media and their continual personality focused garbage dumping and to start questioning and researching everything of importance to you. You may be surprised . . . I know I was.

If I was able to TEACH anything to anybody . . . I would teach them to relax.

If I was able to GIVE anything to anybody . . .  I would give them wisdom.

If I was able to LEAD anybody anywhere . . . I would lead them to the doorway of their own self discovery.


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On The Road To Evermore

As I gaze upon your radiant soul
You live on that faraway plane.
And I see great difficulty adjusting
To this heavy vibration again.

To do-to do
To go-to go
Oh where-oh where?
You do not know.

Like the rest of us who congregate
Upon this plane of pain
You balance between the hall of greatness
And the home of the insane.

What’s your name? What’s your game?
And what is mine as well?
Who will stop to listen?
Who will shun the call to Hell?

A voice that cries within the void
Having no one there to hear.
Will those words just float away
Will they disappear?

The helping hand of our Mother Earth
Reaching down to ease our pain.
Finds rejection for all it’s worth
Again-and again-and again.

But Her teachings are eternal
And her teachings never go.
For they bear the keys to God’s back door
They share His Word via nature’s glow.

Does anyone even hear us? Is anyone even near us?
Does anyone even notice when we shout and scream?
Has the gulf between us grown so wide
They see us living in a dream?

Do they never faintly fain awareness
As they walk their streets of gold?
And they blindly follow fairy tails
That they’ve been told since days of old?

Streets of gold – streets of gold vibrating heavily
Upon a plane of heavenly crud
Mixed in a sea of heavenly mud
Created by the gushing of our Mother’s blood.

What to do? What to do? As we move upon this distant shore
And long for the road to Evermore.
And the keys to unlock their stubborn door.
And welcome them to the land of Evermore. . . for ever more.

The Rainmakers

Standing alone
In the freezing rain
Among the insane
There is no pain
There is no gain.

The thrill of the fight
The rush while in flight,
Away we go . . . into the night.

Standing alone
Wanting to scream
But it’s not easy to scream
In this fucked up dream.

Where the bullets are slow
And my barrel is bent.
And my target
Will never stay down.

Standing alone
In the rain
Among the crying, among the dying
Watching war go round.

Again-and again-and again.


The After Life

the afterlife

After having a conversation on the internet with a couple of born again Christians about the afterlife I began to wonder how many people there are on this planet who believe the party line when it comes to Heaven and Hell and the afterlife. I figure there are probably zillions, but I’m not one of them. Even during my ‘balls to the wall’ Christian days I never believed a lot of the mainline Christian doctrine. So, what am I saying? Simply that from the very beginning of my search for reality, the Christian religion has led me down a steep and winding trail.  

I came impulsively into religion because I was seeking meaning and safety in a life that was quite frankly steam rolling out of control. I was an American therefore I chose Christianity. Had I been born and bred in Afghanistan I would have chosen the Muslim religion. Born elsewhere I may have become Hindu . . . Buddhist . . . etc.

Now, on the social level I have no doubt the church is an important charitable organization. It does many worthy things such as feeding the poor and homeless. It instills hope in depressed and dependent people. It is a beacon of light to the drunk, the druggy, the true believer . . . and so on. I honor her for all that, but she’s also turned a lot of people off, especially the young who are intelligent enough to see through the BS and false doctrines.

I personally see the church as merely a revolving door that forces us, all the days of our lives, to move endlessly within her small and exclusive circle. If you have a question that deserves a deeper look and that question is outside church doctrine, you are silenced by the ‘you must have faith’ or the ‘God moves in mysterious ways’ clause. I had too many questions and it didn’t take long to find out there was no room for me at the inn.

 One of my questions was this fairy tale story on the afterlife . . . Hell is a lake of fire, your eternal destination if you are a sinner. Heaven is a perfect place where you sit with Jesus, eat all day and walk on streets paved in gold for exercise.  

That’s what we have been taught right? Yeah, but maybe that ain’t the way it is at all, maybe death and the afterlife is entirely different than any of that, maybe you haven’t escaped the curse of Hell just by saying “I believe” . . .  maybe instead, you will find yourself quietly screaming as you awaken to the afterlife in a dark and dreary place you cannot escape, no matter how hard you cry out for Jesus and Joel Olsteen, or the pope, or pastor Bob. Maybe the dark place, no matter how hard you try, will remain quiet to your fervent prayers. . . maybe, Who really knows?

Well actually there have been thousands of people who have had an out of body experience and some who have actually gone into the other dimensions and returned to tell about it. What they have to say is astounding in it’s clarity.

Warning:  If your cup is already filled or you are sitting comfortably within a religious bubble you might want to stop here because you may get offended if you don’t.          

I think when it comes to the afterlife, the bible is close in its assumption, but it leaves a lot to interpretive imagination, and the church has pretty much made up the rest of it. The sad part is that all these assumptions could be very dangerous for you as they will keep you from the realization that after we depart the death bed we are totally responsible for where we end up.

(My) reality is that I am in essence a multidimensional spiritual being that has chosen to abide upon this planet for a period of time so that I can experience/learn something. When my borrowed earth body wears out and begins its return back to the natural elements, my soul passes over and I become just like I was before my incursion. I will return to the astral plane and take residency upon the same vibrational frequency I was on while in my flesh and blood body. . . . (Imagine a guitar that consists of six strings with each one tuned to a certain vibration. Each vibration is on a different level high to low. We too, exist on a vibrational scale.)

Did you ever walk into a room where a marital battle was taking place and feel the charged atmosphere even though both parties were now faking marital bliss? Bad vibes. Or meet a person that even though he was smiling and gracious, gave off bad vibes you could feel two feet away? Sure you have, we all have. Fact is it is impossible for a person vibrating on a higher, or lower frequency NOT to subconsciously manifest the reality of that frequency.     

Bottom line is that we are creators . . . we create our tomorrows by the thoughts and actions that we take today. Nobody gets away free and clear from their creative actions, good or bad, they carry on with us into the next dimension and land us perfectly where we belong. If we were self serving and evil we end up vibrating on a dark and lonely frequency for as long as it takes us to lift ourselves onto a higher plane of existence . . . the higher we go, the more profound and wonderful our existence will become. That, in my opinion, is the reality behind the false promises religion has given us.

I’ll stop here and introduce you to a little old man who has a great story to tell about consciousness and the Astral plane and the many dimensional levels of life upon it. 

This is only one part of a four part interview . . . the others are on YouTube if you choose to watch them.

The following video is a further explanation to the question . . . Who am I?

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What About The Alien Question?

Because I deem it to be the most important subject matter to this planet at this time, and because of my recent personal observation, the first post on this new site will be about the alien question.

Imagine how many things we would have to change in our thought process if we were to include the fact that we were not alone in this universe.. . . Imagine that we are, and have been for many centuries, being watched closely by concerned neighbors.. . . Imagine that these neighbors not only exist in this dimension, but countless others as well. . . . Imagine a universe with NO walls save those we have placed around it . . . Imagine a God far more reaching and all inclusive than our puny religions even have words for . . . Imagine the implications and fear involved in knowing first hand that WE and we alone are responsible for this piece of earth that we have rented from our makers, and their rental requirement is that we only do the intended job we were given. . . . Imagine as we blow this place up, how badly we have blown that idea. . . . Imagine all that and you will see why so many people are so scared to even consider looking beyond their own enslavement.

If we were to wake up and believe any of this stuff, everything from our religions . . . our politics . . . our social orders . . . status, etc. would have to be rethought and broadened to include life forms even higher on the evolutionary scale than we humanoids believe we are on, that in reality we are merely mice of the field play acting as the lion who has no problem reworking the DNA of evolution into something of it’s own liking.

I consider this realization, that we are NOT the kings of the universe, must be the first step in advancement towards an evolutionary leap in consciousness. This realization would give us the needed insight to understand that we are far more than what we have been trained by our peers to believe. That we have much farther reaching, long range goals and purpose for being in this dimension, on this planet, at this time than we can even imagine.

It’s getting late, time to wake up and smell the coffee and get back to school. . . .

Following is my first person account of the event that happened two summers ago at the beach in Ocean Isle North Carolina.


Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina, July 2016:


During our summer vacation my daughter and I were star gazing on the beach one evening when close to the right side of the moon there popped into view three large bright orange orbs. They sat there side by side for a few moments, then one blinked out . . . then another . . . then the last one disappeared, only to reappear a few moments later to begin discharging (maybe 20) much smaller, bright starry like objects from it’s base.  These guys were dancing around, up and down, until as if on que they gathered in a loose formation and headed south traveling along the coastline.

The following night I took my camera with me and stared into the star studded sky until once again, in a flash two of the larger craft appeared and slowly drifted for a moment before zipping south. When I say zipping, I mean they took off faster than a rocket.

A few minutes later, high above my head and coming from the north a group of (what I considered to be) military jets were heading strong in the same direction as the orbs. The following night I saw a couple more of the smaller ones appear and blink away quite fast, later on that night a friend saw another one.

Upon telling my experiences to the rest of the family, I received such a ho hum attitude that I just quit talking about it. Even though, (to all you brain dead people out there) these sightings that so many of us are witnessing have to be a complete game changer that reaches into the highest levels of known religion, politics, philosophy, and consciousness.

Maybe it’s just too scary for many folks to think about. Maybe they are content in the status quo and don’t want to rock their boat. I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s so scary as it is interesting, and maybe, just maybe these people, whoever they are, may be willing to teach us something that will save us from destroying ourselves. . . . these star people may be our last hope.



What About The Abduction Question?

On CETV there is an excellent series of interviews with Susan Manewich, a young lady who was not kidnapped, but taken by a group of highly evolved individual aliens one night starting when she was about five years old. She has an amazing story I’m sure you will question as much as enjoy . . . see for yourself. Following is one short, but there are more introductory videos on YouTube and, of course, you can join CETV for the whole hours long series. CETV is new, but in my opinion already a top site if you are into raising your understanding of these many issues involving our expanding conscience.
CETV . . . https://cetv.one/catalog